Get help before filing for bankruptcy

Updated 3/24/2021

Bankruptcy is something that many people fear. It can be scary, but with the help of a good bankruptcy attorney, you can get your bankruptcy handled and taken care of quickly and easily. Taking the time to learn what the bankruptcy law definition is, to learn what the bankruptcy minimum, is and what bankruptcy organizations are out there can make a big difference in your overall bankruptcy legal experience.

When looking to file bankruptcy you may think about things like, does bankruptcy include student loans? And, what type of debt can I bankrupt on? A great bankruptcy lawyer is going to be able to answer these questions and help you learn what you can default on, what you need to do, and what you need to file in order to be able to bankrupt. Essentially, they’ll help you understand what the overall process is. Bankruptcy is difficult, and without the help of a lawyer who knows what they are doing, the process will be a lot harder. There are options other than bankruptcy, and good legal counsel can help you find out what is going to work and what options you have overall in terms of relief.


Across America, millions of people are finding themselves unemployed for six months or more and reeling from economic hardship. As of April of 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics quoted that more than 5.2 million of Americans were unemployed. A Philadelphia Bankruptcy lawyer’s office works with clients to help manage their finances, even in the face of adversity. With Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyers, it is never about forcing people into filing bankruptcy. Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyers help people receive credit counseling before they file so that may be able to reverse their financial woes before bankruptcy becomes necessary. Helping clients understand their economic rights is a role for Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyers.

Clients should know that filing for personal bankruptcy is not always the worst option. It can help you manage your debts if you owe more than you can pay. Deciding whether or not to file for bankruptcy is a personal decision, but it is a perfectly legal way to manage debt. When making financial decisions, clients should think about how much they owe, the type of debts they have, their current income, their amount of savings, and what other methods could be used to pay off debt if not declaring bankruptcy. Philadelphia bankruptcy attorneys can facilitate this process and help clients get back on the road to financial success.

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