How Can I Find The Best Lawyers?

What to ask an attorney

Have you been the victim of a vehicular accident? Are you curious as to your resources should such an occurrence happen? It helps to know how to find the best lawyers. To find an attorney is to broaden your options in light of court hearings, medical fees and financial assistance. Without one you run the risk of navigating the complex legal system on your own, increasing your stress while reducing your chances of reaching a reasonable conclusion.

Airplane Accidents

If you’ve been in an airplane accident or become injured due to malfunction or negligence, a plane crash lawyer or air accident attorney can assist you. Studies from Statistic Brain have shown mechanical failure cause one in five fatal airplane crashes. Around 53% of all fatal airplane crashes are caused by pilot error and passengers on a fatal crash have a 24% survival rate. Overall, there are around 12 fatalities per million flight hours around the world. Contacting an airplane attorney will allow you to explore your options in light of an accident involving aircraft.

Civil Lawsuits

One of the most common legal occurrences in the United States are civil lawsuits. These are requested from individuals who have a grievance against another individual or business. The annual cost of civil lawsuits to the American economy is estimated at $233 billion according to recent studies, with professional estimates expecting this number to rise, not fall, over the proceeding years. The best lawyers are those with years of experience on their resume, able to tackle a variety of problems in a reasonable amount of time.

Workers’ Compensation

The majority of states require businesses to have a form of workers’ compensation in place in order to support workers who have been sick, injured or otherwise compromised in the workplace. Workers’ compensation offer a back-up plan for workers who fear losing their jobs or being unable to pay their bills should an incident occur.

Drunk Driving

An ongoing epidemic throughout the country is that of drunk driving. Drunk driving accidents have been found to cost more than $37 million every year — 2012, specifically, saw over 10,000 people killed in accidents involving alcohol or illegal substances. Although drunk driving rules change depending on the state, it’s common for the BAC limit to be 0.08%.

Distracted Driving

Similar to drunk driving, distracted driving is the act of operating a vehicle while distracted. These can include, but are not limited to, attempting to change the radio dial, talking on the phone, manipulating electronic devices and eating. According to a Pew Researcher poll, over 97% of all Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 have a cell phone. Distracted driving accidents accounted for over 3,300 deaths back in 2012 as well as over 420,000 injuries.

Finding A Good Lawyer

Whether it’s discussing a civil lawsuit or attempting to seek damages, finding a good lawyer is the first step you need to take. A drunk driving attorney can assist you if you’re convicted of drunk driving, helping you gather witnesses as well as your personal information to reach the most reasonable conclusion possible. Workers’ compensation attorneys specialize in addressing financial assistance in light of an injury or illnesses while an aviation lawyer for pilots works directly with airplane crashes and malfunctions. Contact a law firm and see how they can help you with the best lawyers today.

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