How to Find Legal and Corporate Services Online

If you intend to establish a new business, you need to consider several factors, including your business model, plan, capital, and how you can form your business. In most cases, it is advisable to work with an online legal and corporate service to save a lot of time. In particular, an online corporate service can assist you in completing the required steps to establish a new business, such as sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, C- corporations, and S-corporations. Therefore, such service providers will guide you through the complex business formation process by working directly with the business department of your state to obtain and file the required documentation. That is why this guide highlights the different types of legal and corporate services that exist online, their roles, and how you can find them online.

Corporate accounting services

Corporate accountants can help businesses with tracking their expenditure and income and ensure statutory compliance. In particular, they ensure that a company’s financial information is organized and visible and offer management and investors financial information to use in business decisions and strategic planning. Since you might not have adequate resources for full-time finance experts, you need to hire online corporate accountants to help you:

v Maintain all accounting records, including general ledgers, cash books, payable sub-ledgers, accounts receivables, and fixed assets registers.

v Prepare drafts of annual statutory financial records for audit

v Prepare periodic unaudited customized financial reports, budgets for management purposes, and cash flow statements

v Attend to the auditor of the firm during its interim or annual audit

v Issue disbursements after receiving instructions, process payments, act as the signatory for the firm’s bank accounts, and prepare cash reports

v Manage the accounts payables and receivables

v Help in implementing an accounting system that conforms with your company’s reporting requirements.

v Help in drafting the internal accounting procedures and policies of your company

v Review your firm’s accounting records to ensure accuracy and appropriateness

Commercial excavation services

You might need to hire commercial excavation services if your firm is conducting a major expansion or development, environmental cleanup, or you need an extensive pipe repair. Excavation services are supposed to be done safely, efficiently, and quickly. The commercial excavation involves the following:

Earthmoving: The firm might excavate lots of land and dirt.

Site planning and preparation: Before conducting any work, commercial excavation services will ensure that the land and soil can support your structure and foundation

Heavy equipment: apart from the excavators, the company will have other equipment, including tractors, steam shovels, front-end loaders, backhoes, and bulldozers.

Types of commercial excavation services

v Clearing land: The service provider can help you if you have a commercial property with lots of trees and a large boulder that needs to be removed.

v Damages pipes: If the waterline to your home fails to work, you might need a commercial excavation service to repair it.

v Drainage solution solutions: You need to hire a licensed excavation professional if you have excess water within your property. Such experts can ensure the safety and health of your property and solve any damage to your foundation.

v Environmental cleansing: In some cases, improper disposal of waste or leaky underground septic tanks can contribute to soil contamination of your foundation. To remove such a health hazard, you will need to hire an expert.

Freight services

Exporting and importing have continued to become critical for the success of most firms as opportunities for conducting business continue to increase internationally. However, most companies rely on freight delivery services because they do not have an in-house team to manage the activities dealing with international shipping. In summation, the freight delivery services will do the following:

v Offering integrated logistics services including warehousing, customs clearance, and export packing

v Tracking shipments and offering updates to the customers

v Arranging for damage claims inspections and cargo insurance

v Arranging special delivery services, including charters for on-board couriers for urgent goods and over-dimensional or time-sensitive shipments.

v Preparing, reviewing, and submitting export and shipping documents

v Choosing and booking the best modes of transport (ground, water, or air) to ensure cost-effective and on-time delivery

v Organizing packaging for safe handling and protection of your goods

v Consolidating shipments

v Negotiating about freight delivery rates with carriers

You need to know that the freight delivery service will not move the cargo physically but will play an intermediary between the carriers, suppliers, and other logistics providers to ensure the on-time and safe delivery of goods.

Asbestos removal services

Most firms face the change of managing and disposing of asbestos. Asbestos components are hazardous since they can contribute to mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. Even if you are engaged in managing demolition or construction compliance, hiring a professional can bring a wealth of technical expertise and project-based experience to help manage risks associated with asbestos removal. Therefore, if you suspect the presence of asbestos in your area, you can contact experts before any demolition or renovation. Asbestos experts will take samples to confirm the presence of asbestos. Technicians can design a remediation solution based on your needs after determining the available material and its friability. Experts can encapsulate limited amounts of asbestos to prevent its fibers from entering the air. However, suppose the company determines that it should remove the asbestos. In that case, trained experts can undertake all the demolition and ensure that the asbestos is disposed of according to the local, state, and federal regulations. You can find the asbestos material in fireproofing material, insulation, ceiling texture tiles, and most modern floor tiles.

Porta-potty services

You should find reliable porta potty rental services even if you are opening a new construction site or hosting an outdoor event. Hiring a certified firm can prevent your site from becoming a health hazard and provide the audience with the right impression of your event or organization. Here are the best portable restroom solutions that you can get from a professional porta potty service.

Standard porta-potty: economical and simple restroom that does the job

Handicap/ADA: It is a spacious wheelchair-accessible portable restroom designed with grab bars to make it easier for the users to enter, navigate and release their waste products. It caters to people with special needs and disabilities.

Flushing porta-potty: A restroom with the added comforts of a hands-free flushing sink, a hidden waste tank, and a flushing toilet.

Trailer mounted: It is a standard restroom mounted on a trailer, and it can benefit people working on highway and road projects because they travel long distances

Deluxe: It is a premium restroom with features such as a coat hook, a mirror interior shelving, anti-slip surfaces, and a spacious interior.

The porta potty rental company is expected to thoroughly clean and sanitize these units before delivering them to you. The porta-potty is ideal for places with large crowds, including disaster relief cleanups, golf courses, campgrounds, stadiums, corporate events, movie sets, sporting events, construction sites, festivals and concert venues.

Business digital phone system installation

Having the best business digital phone system installation in place is critical, since more people continue to engage in business conversation using instant messaging, social media, and email. In this case, a phone system installation firm will offer you a free appraisal of your current setup and provide the ideal solution to ensure the new system suits your business needs. As a small business, you can choose the Private Branch Exchange, where you can use your external phone lines to make calls. You can also opt for the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), where you can make and use calls over the internet. The business phone systems that experts can install for you will meet your needs, such as:

v Digital VoIP and PBX unified communication system

v Standard small business phone features including paging, transfer, and voicemail


v Online software which includes analytical data of your system

v Robust and scalable phone system solutions

v Integration of your business mobile phones and other communication devices into the new system

Types of online legal services

Bankruptcy lawyer

Bankruptcy lawyers can help you with the complexities of a bankruptcy proceeding, starting from when you file a case to when your debts are discharged. Once you initiate a bankruptcy procedure, the lawyer will inform you if it would be appropriate to file for bankruptcy. In particular, the lawyer will critically analyze your assets and debts to determine if bankruptcy can help in improving your current circumstances. Some of the reasons you might hire a Bankruptcy lawyers include handling credit card debt, mortgage foreclosure, and medical debt.

After the attorney and client have determined your bankruptcy filing plan, the lawyer will help you make critical planning decisions. One of the major roles of a bankruptcy attorney might include comparing the Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy options. Such critical purposes are to assess the makeup and size of your debt, the ability to repay debts, and the assets you want to risk in bankruptcy. Further, the bankruptcy lawyers will assist you to consider aspects of bankruptcy, including whether to file co-sign on loans that fall under bankruptcy filing or jointly file with your spouse.

Small business administrative attorney

The federal, state or local government can change its regulations on businesses at any time by offering an advance notice. A small business administrative attorney will ensure that your company stays compliant with both the old and new regulations in such a case. In particular, an attorney can advise you when a government agency has handled your business unfairly. Some of the reasons why you can hire an administrative lawyer include:

v When a government agency files a lawsuit against your business for violating a regulation

v Denial of business license

v Denial of workers’ compensation

v New regulations affect your business negatively.

Without an experienced lawyer, you can get into conflicts with the regulators, making it difficult to offer your services. In particular, the lawyer will advise you on different regulatory issues and ensure that your business stays compliant with the current small business administrative regulations and laws.

Criminal defense attorney

A criminal defense attorney helps in defending a person charged with a crime. The lawyer might be assigned a case by a court or contacted by a defendant. A criminal defense attorney will first interview the client who assigned them a criminal case to learn about the witnesses and strengths of their defense. Further, the criminal attorneys will analyze the pertinent evidence, help in selecting the jury, and plea bargaining before the case proceeds to the trial stage. Not only that, the criminal defense lawyer can represent you, the defendant in court law during sentencing to offer alternatives to incarceration or convince the judge to reduce the jail time. The common crimes that need criminal attorneys include robbery, rape, aggravated assault, battery, murder, illegal drug use, and gambling.

How to find legal and corporate services

Satisfaction guarantee

You need to ensure that the company you hire is certain that their online services come with compliance. In particular, the firm should offer you a satisfaction guarantee to increase your experience of any issues while using their services. Apart from that, the company should provide 24-hour customer support to enable you to reach them when in need.

Turnaround time

You need to consider the number of days that the firm will offer the corporate and legal services you need. In particular, you can try to find if different formation packages have varying processing speeds. However, you need to know that turnaround times can vary depending on your state. Despite that, you should hire a company that can offer timely services.

Ease of use

One of the aspects that you can consider when hiring the best online legal and corporate service is considering the ease of use. Although it can be difficult to determine that, you can look at the customer feedback and reviews to understand the service provider better.


The ideal online corporate and legal service will provide numerous features that your business needs. In this case, you can consider features such as dedicated customer service, ongoing compliance support, online registered agent services, online access to documents, and other services that you require. You also need to consider other bonus features that the company provides, including accounting consultation with a CPA expert, exclusive discounts on compatible business services, or free business website hosting.

Business structures

When establishing a new business, you will have options such as non-profit corporation, corporation, limited liability company, and sole proprietorship. Therefore, you need to ensure that the service you want to hire supports the preferred business structure.

Legal and corporate services online have continued to grow at an unprecedented rate as most businesses embrace the use of technology. Such platforms can provide you with access to corporate and legal assistance when you leave your office. You will not avoid limiting yourself to the service providers within your state. If you wish to get legal advice or start a business, the guide offers the best types of corporate and legal services you might need. Notably, regardless of your situation, you can be assured of finding an online service that suits you.

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