How To Find The Right Attorney For Your Legal Needs

If you need a lawyer, it can be a daunting task trying to figure what type of attorney would best serve your needs. The fact is there are many types of lawyers and even under a big umbrella issue such as family or taxes, there are lawyers that specialize in specific aspects of those issues.

If you’re unfamiliar with attorneys, here are 22 different ones you should know about:

  • Divorce attorney: It’s estimated that 50% of marriages these days end in divorce. Going through the divorce process can be tricky and these attorneys can help the whole thing go more smoothly.
  • Criminal defense attorney: If you’ve gotten tangled up in the law, these attorneys can offer support through the criminal process from arrests to investigation to charges, sentencing and appeals.
  • Immigration attorney: For those seeking a path to United States’ citizenship, these attorneys can help you through the complicated process, keeping you updated on your status and helping you file everything properly.
  • DUI Attorney: The law doesn’t take to kindly to DUIs and retaining a lawyer (especially for repeat offenders) is advisable.
  • Mediation: Many times there are circumstances where a mediator is needed, maybe to resolve a business dispute or a custody battle. A mediator isn’t a lawyer, but they can calm everything down and help bring peaceful resolutions to disputes.
  • Estate planning and wills: A will and estate planning lawyer can help families plan a will, which will avoid messy battles over property.
  • Contracts attorney: Business of all kinds can be tricky for business owners and attorneys can help make business smoother with legally recognized contracts.
  • New business incorporation: Starting a new business isn’t as easy as it may look. An attorney can help people launch businesses the right away, saving them from wasting money or time.
  • Intellectual property attorney: These lawyers help protect the things that people create whether it’s logos or product ideas or artistic things like writing and music.
  • Trademark attorney: A lawyer is recommended those applying for trademarks because they have access to trademark databases and can navigate any obstacles that pop up in the trademarking process.
  • Family law attorney: In matters of paternity, adoption, custody, divorce and other family issues, these lawyers are your best bet.
  • Bankruptcy attorney: Bankruptcy is never an easy thing to deal with and attorneys can guide you through the legal process while advising you on what to expect.
  • Personal injury attorney: A personal injury lawyer can help you deal with insurance companies and help you get far compensation if you’ve been injured by something like an auto accident, which accounts for 52% of these cases.
  • Real estate attorney: If you’re selling your home or appraising it, a lawyer can help you file documentation and help you in the event a real estate deal goes south.
  • Civil attorney: If you’re suing someone or being sued, it’s more than wise to have a lawyer going to bat for you in matters of debt, civil rights and alimony.
  • Tax Attorney: Taxes are a tricky thing and if you find yourself in trouble with the IRS, a lawyer’s house can be invaluable.
  • Employment attorney: If you’ve been the victim of unlawful lay-offs or workplace discrimination, it helps to have a lawyer in your corner. These are particularly helpful for non-union workers.
  • Corporate law attorney: These lawyers make sure your business is on the up and up and can help keep it out of trouble by advising on contracts as well as legal rights.
  • Disability attorney: Trying to apply for disability support services can be a very difficult process and a lawyer can make sure you don’t have to do it alone, helping you navigate through applications, appeals and consultations.
  • Consumer attorney: These lawyers protect folks from issues with consumer goods, predatory banks as well as underhanded advertising to name a few things.
  • Patent Attorney: If you’re an inventor and you’ve created the next great product or service, you’ll need a lawyer to keep someone from stealing your design or your idea.
  • Copyright Attorney: If you’ve got something you’ve invented and need a copyright, a lawyer can help prevent people from misrepresenting your work or pirating your ideas.

If you’re dealing with any kind of daunting legal issue, it never hurts to have a lawyer in your corner. The key is finding the right type of lawyer to help you.

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