Top Five Cause of Divorce and its Impact on Children


When a couple no longer wishes to be married and seeks legal separation from each other, they often need the assistance of a divorce attorney. These legal experts can help couples navigate the legal process involved and answer any of the basic divorce questions they may have. An attorney can help in many ways:

  • They can assist with the negotiations about child custody and visitation if there are children involved.
  • They can help with discussions over finances and assets that need to be divided up.
  • They often work well as the best divorce mediator or can help find a third-party mediator.
  • They often can recommend the best way to divorce wife or husband depending on the couple’s goals.
  • They make it easier to negotiate and present your side of the argument when you appear in court.

Working with someone who can legally represent you during a complicated and involved divorce proceeding is critical to having things go your way. A quick online search can give you a list of divorce experts in your area that you can contact for assistance with your hearing and proceedings.



Spousal support portland

Is seems that it is almost as common to meet a divorced person as a married person. Given that so much divorce going on, questions surrounding the plight of children are troublesome. Regardless of where on lives, it could be New York City, Chicago, or the city of Portland, divorce in the United States is around fifty percent.

Let us take, for example, a couple who resides in the city of Portland. Before contacting any Portland divorce lawyers, keep in mind that it takes approximately one year to finalize a divorce. Before deciding to seek any Portland divorce lawyers, these issues must first be considered, especially when it comes to children. If the relationship problems are severe enough, then contact any of a number of Portland divorce lawyers may be the best option, as it is hard to say that children growing up with unhappy parents is healthier than growing up with parents who may be divorced, but happier apart. The causes of divorce are fairly standard from one to the next, as money or communications problems, unfaithfulness, abuse, or perhaps one person loses romantic interest in the other make it undesirable for the union to remain.

If a couple or individual decides that divorce is the best for everyone, including the children, depending upon his or her location, a quick internet search can yield plenty of contacts simply entering divorce attorney portland, family law attorney portland, or spousal support portland. By doing this, the person seeking counsel will have a multitude of Portland divorce lawyers who are available to serve them.

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