Veteran’s Disability ClaimIs It Enough?

Veterans disability calculator

Many veterans are suffering with disabilities as a result of their time in the service. 52% of those whose injuries were considerable enough to cause a permanent disability have submitted a disability claim to governmental agencies, but have received little satisfaction.

Military compensation that is said to be available to veterans who have been disabled during their military service, or who have a disability that was made worse by their time serving includes

    VA disability compensation eligibility
    Special monthly compensation for disabilities considered severe
    VA disability compensation
    VA travel reimbursements


These are just a few of the programs designed to assist veterans who are experiencing unemployment and even homelessness as a result of their disabilities. There is a veterans disability calculator available for military men and women to refer to in order to determine the rate of compensation they are entitled to. The calculator is difficult to navigate, however, as all veterans disability ratings are set at their own rating percentages. For a veteran with multiple impairments, the total rating is not found by simply adding the percentage assigned to each. In order to understand the process and calculate a total, veterans will usually enlist the assistance of a trained professional with the Veteran’s Administration. VA staff members are also available to help military men and women to fill out and submit a disability claim for each injury or condition.

Unfortunately, upwards of 50% of veterans are disabled, and about two thirds of that percentage are addicted to drugs or alcohol. In addition, too many veterans do not receive the assistance they need from the different groups and programs that have been established to help them; therefore, 1.4 million vets are victims of poverty and less than adequate living conditions, and are on the verge of homelessness. Even those who have submitted veterans disability claims according to the va disability calculator say that they are not receiving the help they need. 28% of veterans have reported that, because of their disability, they have either had a hard time getting a job or had a hard time keeping a job somewhere over the years. Furthermore, 46% of disabled veterans say that their affliction has prevented them from being employed altogether.

There are some conditions under which disabled veterans might receive additional compensation to what they receive for their own injuries. If an impaired veteran has a spouse who is severely disabled, if the vet has dependents who are his or her spouse, parents, or children, or if the vet’s disabilities are extremely severe, such as the loss of a limb, he or she may be entitled to supplementary compensation to help with the further needs of the family.

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