Why a Business Law Attorney is Necessary for Your Firm

Business owners encounter commercial law in a number of situations, starting with contracts and leases for office space all the way to Human Resources and workers compensation. Business contracts and laws can be complex. When it comes to hiring employees, businesses also have to comply with federal and state regulations concerning medical leave, sexual harassment and workers compensation. It’s best to have a business attorney to help and advise with all of these areas to avoid legal problems.

Business law and contracts
Contracts are the basis for al business projects and partnerships. Drafting contracts takes legal knowledge and experience, since these set out the obligations undertaken by both parties. An effective and legally binding contract protects the interests of all parties. Business lawyers who understand commercial law can help at every stage of the negotiations and signing, all the way to revisions of the contract if necessary. In case there are disputes regarding the terms of the contract, legal help in litigation can protect your interests.

Leases for office spaces
Business leases are quite different from residential ones. An experienced real estate attorney can help you to negotiate or modify a business lease to suit your needs. They can help at very stage of drafting, negotiation, review, and adjustments. Whether your firm is the landlord or the tenant, it is essential to have an attorney who understands business leases.

Human Resources
An efficient Human Resources department is one of the best ways a business can help employees to perform at their best. A business must have policies regarding medical and paid leave, benefits, sexual harassment and much more in place. These all serve to define the obligations of both the business and its employees and to protect the interests of both.

Workers compensation programs
The majority of states, about 74%, also require businesses to have workers compensation programs set up. Workers compensation programs pay compensation to workers in case of workplace-related injuries or illness. In exchange, workers agree not to sue in case they suffer injuries or sickness due to the work. Your firm has to be in compliance with state regulations, in order to avoid liability claims and lawsuits.

For all of these areas, proper documentation and record keeping is necessary to maintain compliance. Business attorneys can help and advise your firm to handle these and other areas of law. It’s best to choose an experienced law firm that you can trust. Business and commercial law can be complex and proper legal help and advice are necessary to handle all situations.

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