Different Types of Lawyers

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If you are in a legal jam, a lawyer can help you out of it. However, there are many types of lawyers out there. It’s crucial to choose the right lawyer with the right specialty. This video discusses the different types of lawyers for different cases.

You need to understand the practice areas of different attorneys. Lawyers don’t actually specialize until after law school. States want to make sure that potential attorneys have a solid foundational knowledge of all areas of the law before they specialize.

One type of lawyer is a litigation lawyer. These are the lawyers who operate in the courtroom. The lawyers portrayed in movies as giving dramatic speeches to a jury are based on litigation lawyers, though the reality is much more mundane.

There are other transactional attorneys. When large companies buy other companies, it falls under the category of mergers and acquisitions. These are handled by transactional lawyers. Real-estate attorneys are also in this category.

In-house lawyers are lawyers that work directly for a company, instead of a private practice or a law firm. They help business owners navigate through all of the obstacles that pop up when running a business.

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