Little-Known Facts About DUI Costs

Driving while impaired is one of the most common criminal cases affecting many people. When one has a DWI charge, one of their main considerations is the cost of their case. Is it possible to get a qualified lawyer at a friendly price? Well, all these questions can be solved by hiring a DWI lawyer from a reputable firm. A good firm will be open about their charges so that you can budget for your DWI charge.

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The flat rate ranges between 3500 dollars and 10000 dollars, depending on the complexity of the case. These costs are determined by the amount of time and human expertise spent on your case. These costs are discussed beforehand and therefore no surprises should be expected along the way.

There may be additional charges if the case may require an expert witness or more investigations. These additional payments are not part of the legal fee. The law firm will be clear about these costs before a final decision to involve them is made.

Payments can be made through all available channels; cheques, electronically, and cash, among others. A good law firm is flexible enough to cater to diverse client needs. When the need is, a payment plan can be discussed with the law firm.

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