Watch Out for These Red Flags When Hiring an Attorney

According to the video, one can encounter several red flags when attempting to hire an attorney. The first red flag is having too many clients. Attorneys need to have an active caseload, but those who attempt to manage too many can become overwhelmed, and not pay enough attention to their particular case. These caseloads can vary based on the type of attorney. The second red flag is when an attorney doesn’t disclose their fees during the intake meeting.

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A client needs to know what exactly the case will cost and what the pay rate will be if there is an hourly rate.

The third red flag that the client will find is that the attorney doesn’t meet personally with the client during the intake. They should be present for this meeting, and the client should not still meet only with staff members. For example, someone needing a nurse criminal defense attorney needs to put a face on the person representing them in court. The fourth red flag is the attorney overpromising results for the court, especially when the case hasn’t been reviewed; there is room for concern. Not every case is the same, and they can’t expect the same results for each case. The final red flag is that the attorney isn’t truly experienced in the area that they are claiming to be. For example, a client looking for a family attorney should not hire an attorney who takes more cases in estate law instead of family law.

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